Monday, December 7, 2009

The adventures ever end

Wow!! Today was quite the African adventure. Today we went to go and see hot springs. It was amazing. Even before we got there. Nakuru is really green and stays at a very comfortable temperature. Where the springs are is almost like the dessert. It was close to a hundred degrees. The hottest i have been so far. On the way we almost ran into a ostrich. We quickly pulled over and ran after it so we could get a good picture. We also stopped by the Equator, took a few picture and jumped in the car before we were bombard by people trying to sell us all the stuff they had. Than after close to a two hour drive, we made it. It was a very beautiful drive. Pictures just can't captor the true beauty.
We had to pay to get in. It was almost like a safari. There was a big salt water lake, filled with flamingos. The van George has is really nice, the top comes up, so we could stand up. We took loads of pictures of all the wild life. The springs were gorgeous and very hot. They were not joking when they said hot springs. There is steam coming off of them and there were people standing in the steam. I eventually joined them. It was really neat feeling. First you would get really hot from the steam, than it will blow away from you than you would cool off. After we took pictures of the spring and stood in the steam we ate lunch. We were all really hungry. Man, the flies were all over everything it was crazy. Then we headed back home.
The adventure does not end here. When we were about thirty minutes down the road, the van broke down. It was not the best time to break down, but things always tend to happen at the worst time. We were in the bush, it was close to a hundred degrees, we had drank all our water and George did not have any tools. So George had to leave us and hitchhike to the nearest town to get a mechanic. It took him about forty five minutes to get the mechanic and come back. What was wrong with the van there was a little tiny speck in the carburetor, that blocked it enough to make the van not run. The mechanic for got his screwdriver, so he used our butter knife from lunch. To get the speck out they got a thorn from a tree. All the trees around where we were have thorns. Believe it or not they fixed the van with a butter knife and a thorn. They did use other tools to get to the carburetor, that is why George did not just do it himself. George is a mechanic. Finally after two hours in the bush, in a hundred degrees, with no water, we got on the road again. The drive home was even more beautiful. The sun was starting to set and the temperature got cooler the close we got to Nakuru. Here are all the pictures that I took.
The big bird that was in the middle of the road.
Some of the scenery on the way.

Here we are.

The most wonderful people in the world

Hot Springs

The little speck
Our empty water bottles.

The mechanics

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  1. It's amazing that one little speck would wreak so much havoc! Glad y'all made it through. Miss you all!