Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dec. 19

I took the older young people swimming. It was fun. They all do not know how to swim and most of them have not swam since Mala was here. They still had a very good time splashing each other. I was trying to teach them, but Lloyd was the only one brave enough. It is funny how fast he would sink. No matter what I tried to have him do he could not keep his head above the water. Being the person he is he kept trying. Towards the end he was able to do what I showed him, but still had the fear of the deep water.
We were there from 11am till 3pm. In the direct sun. You will not believe it, but I got sun burnt. I did not bring any sunscreen from home and do not think they even sell it here. I know I was going to pay for it, but pain is only temporary.
George finally came to get us, he was supposed to come at 2. We were all hungry. They sold food there, but I had George hold my wallet. He left and I forgot he had it till he was already gone. I had no cell phone or anyway to contact him. I just had to wait til he picked us up. When he finally came to pick us up I asked him to take us to the place to eat goat. He had a meeting, so he could only drop us off. The restaurant is out of Nakuru by 15 min. So after eating the goat and sitting around there laughing at our waiter, we had to find a ride back. We stood by the road till a matato drove by and we waved it down. (A matato is a taxi van.) So we all crammed in and road back to Nakuru. Than once we got into town we walked to George's house, it was about an hour walk. They took me by a school a few of them go to. We had a good time.
Than when we got to George's house I taught them a few ceilis. That was fun because the dancing they are used to is the complete opposite. They have been asking me to teach them, but it never seemed to work out. Everything here is always a process. They really seemed to enjoy it. I am hoping to do it again with them at Christmas, but we will see. Well, that is my adventures for today. I love and miss all of you!!

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  1. Sounds like your adventure continues you sister and mine is just starting. No goat around here. We are living with a bunch of aztec indians and they know how to make it here. You would love it. Like when we first moved to the land.