Saturday, December 5, 2009

The opposite of yesterday

Today was the opposite of yesterday. I had a lot of fun. First we had a youth meeting. Abba and I showed them the Ingathering. That made me miss you all. I'm not sure what they thought about it they did not say anything the whole time. It is hard to read them.
After I played a few games of chess with Lloyd. We went and played soccer it was fun. My team at first was not a good team. They all left me at one point in the game to get a drink and left me there with one little boy. Before they left we had the only point, but when they left the other team made five points. I about killed myself running around like that. I did not go with them to get a drink because I can not drink that water. Only bottled water and I forgot to bring some. I had Simon go buy me some water. I had no clue where I would get some.

Then George drove up with Abba and Amma. Then I say Simon and Lloyd getting in the van and they drove off. I could not believe they left me. We did have young people from the church, but we had a lot of other kids. It is a good thing they came we would not have enough people without them. When Simon and Lloyd left we waited for a while. I did not know if they were even coming back they did not say anything to me. At this point we were all tired, so no one was playing any more. Vivian and I were kicking a ball around for a while then a few of us decided to go walk down where you go to take a safari. It was about a mile away from the field we were playng in. It is really beautiful and there was monkeys running around everywhere. I could see zebra and gazel off in the distance. On the way back we say the rest of the kids walking towards us. They got chased off the field by some guy. The field we played in is a school field. Simon and Lloyd asked if we could play on the field and they were fine with it. I guess that guy was not there. Then we walked back to George's house and met Simon and Lloyd on the way. They told me they left to help get the rice and beans.

Every month they buy rice and beans funded by the village. So we divided the 80 pound bags into something like one hundered fifty smaller bags. It took a while, but we had fun being together. There was five of us. They were trying to teach me some swahili. We had a good time. we laughed a lot. I am starting to be good friends with them. It is sad that I only have a month left, but at the same time I miss all of you. That is all for now.

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