Sunday, December 27, 2009

Belated Merry Christmas!!!

Well, an African Christmas seems more like fourth of July, but with out the fireworks. We had a good time. We all went to the church and ate a big African meal together. It was fun watching all the ladies cook. They were singing and dancing and have a good time together. Amma really enjoyed it.
We had a Christmas church service, I guess. George just talked about how most people celebrate Christmas in Kenya and how we are going to do it different. It seemed to drag on, I think because we was talking till the food was ready. I was starving!! It was close to two o'clock and I did not have much for breakfast. Than finally the food was ready. We ate and enjoyed each other company. Than people sang Christmas songs, danced and did a few skits. It was nothing spectacular, but we had a good time.
One thing everyone does here is the try to look their best on Christmas. They all buy new cloths and get there hair all done. So everyone looks really nice everywhere. It is probably the only time of year everyone wears new cloths at the same time. Here they normally wear them till the literally fall off. So seeing everyone in new cloths almost feels like spring time when the flowers bloom.
I have really gotten used to it here. I'm getting to know a lot of different people in town. It almost feels like i have been here my whole life. I love how friendly the people are here. The people here have shown me how unfriendly I am. I plan to change that when I get home.

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