Friday, December 11, 2009

A day in town

This whole week we have not anything to do during the day. So the last few days have been very uneventful. Today I was determined to do something. I started the day by going to the gym. Than when I got back I was thinking about going to town. I was trying to decide if I was brave enough to go alone. I made up my mind that I was going to go by myself. I was waiting for the phone battery to charge and Lloyd walked in. It was a good think he did because we had a lot of fun.
First we took a motor bike ride into town, that was fun. I was wanting to get some sunglasses. We walked on almost every road in the whole city. We started look for sunglasses, but I liked a pair that I say the first place we went. I wanted to have some reason to keep walking around, so I told Lloyd I wanted to keep looking. We looked in every place we thought might sell them. We looked in this one building that was nine stores high. It is kind of like a mall. it had lots of stores in it. Lloyd and I ran all the way to the top floor. After like the six floor they were still doing a little bit of work, like painting and finishing work. I'm not sure if we were aloud up there. The people working just looked at us like we were not, but never said anything. We ran to the top and took some pictures of the town from out the window.After we walked every where, we walked all the way to the other side of town. That is where I found the sunglasses I liked. After I bought the sunglasses I took Lloyd to the only cafe I knew of that sells coffee and bought him a latte. Before than he never even heard the name latte before. We sat there at the cafe for a while and had a good time. Than we had a boda boda take us home, a person who taxis people around you ride on a seat in the back. Lloyd and I got on two different bikes and the two drivers I think were racing. It all started when the bike Lloyd was on passed mine. Then The rest of the ride was a little scary. They do not have speed limits here, so they put speed bumps everywhere you would need to slow down. My driver decided not to slow down over one of the bumps because Lloyd was getting ahead. I almost bounced off the seat. It was fun though a little scary, but that is what made it fun. We made it home without a scratch.

The youth have been meeting everyday to practice what they are doing for Christmas. They asked me to came and I went. On the way home it started pouring down rain. Lloyd and I ran the whole way. We were totally soaked. It was fun. I like being in the rain.

Now I'm sitting around waiting for dinner. After everything i did today I'm really hungry. It smells really good. That is all for today. Time for dinner!!!

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