Friday, December 18, 2009

Dec. 17

We went to Nairobi today. George has some business to do for his mom, so Abba, Amma and I came along. It was very enjoyable being in a big city because it is almost familiar. While George did his business Abba, Amma and I walk all over. We walked around for three hours. We went into all kinds of stores. We had a few things we wanted to get and we found a gift shop with some really good prices. We didn't buy anything. We are going to see if we can get a guy here can give us those prices.
Than when it was time for lunch we were going to meet George at the van, but he called and said he would come find us. We stopped and wanted for a while it was kind of fun. He was calling every few minutes. We were looking and looking for the van. We ended up standing on a curb in the middle of the road so that he would not miss us if he drove by. One problem is there are a lot of vans like the one we have. We kept thinking we say our van. After about the seventh call from George, an African man came up and was helping us explain to George where we were. Abba ended up handing him the phone and after a few second of him speaking swahili he told us to follow him. One thing about the people here they are really friendly and helpful. There was George standing there. We suddenly realized he did not have the van. We were looking for the van the whole time. No wonder we never found him. He could of walked by and we would have never seen him. After we finally found a place to eat and finished eating. George still had a few things to do, so Abba, Amma and I went to central park. We were kind of done walking around so we found some shade and a bench. I ended up falling asleep on a bench. It was nice to get out and we had a good time.

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