Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dec. 23

I started out today going to the gym. I try to go once a week. Than after that I sat around the house. I was trying to think of something to do, all Simon and Lloyd wanted to do is watch tv. After awhile I fell asleep and then got a call from George. He asked me if I was bored, I told him yes, than he told me that Fred was going to pick me up and take me where he was. Fred is one of the men in the church, he has a motorcycle. George was getting something done to the van at a garage close to where he lives.

After sitting there with George waiting for the guy to get done. George said that he was hungry and we went to a restaurant right next to the garage. I was not hungry because I at lunch a hour ago, he was not home so he missed lunch. He ordered some food and told me to try it, so i did. It was chicken and I got the juice on my figures, since there were no napkins and there was a sink in the corner I went to wash of my hands. On the way to the sink I walked by the kitchen. It only took one quick glance and I had to run to the sink so I would not throw up on the floor. Just kidding!!:):) The kitchen was the dirtiest kitchen I have ever seen. It look like they sold Cole in there and had never wiped down anything before. There was also pieces of chicken all over the floor. If they had health inspections here they would burn the place down. After I washed my hand off I looked back and say George happily finishing his chicken. The poor man had no clue. He say my face on the way back and had to wash his hand, than he say it. He started laughing and said, "so that is why you did not eat." It really was not the reason, but it would of been if I was hungry.

Than after that whole fiasco we took motorcycles into town. Mine ran out of gas on the way, so I got off and walked a little ways and got on another one to finish the ride. It was fun!! I like it when there is an adventure. George was there waiting for me and we went on our way. We did not have anything really to do in town. We were just passing the time while the van was being worked on. We just had a good time together. Than we took bikes back and that could not be normal either it started to rain, but luckily it did not rain very hard.

Well, that was my little adventure for the day. Things are really doing great here. I am very used to it here now and wander what it is going to be like readjusting. I miss you all and hope you have a merry Christmas.

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