Wednesday, December 2, 2009

still have mice in my room

Last night I had a mouse in my bed!! I got up to turn on my fan and when I pulled up my mosquito net there it was. I was horrified. I do not know how long it was in there. How the mouse got in my bed was it climbed up my mosquito net. I think it was trying to get the peanuts I had on my night stand. I have not seen a mouse in a week, so i thought they were gone. I found mouse traps at Wool Matt finally, but I did not think I was going to need it so I never bought it. I will try to remember to buy one next we go to Wool Matt.
Today we did a budget. it is really nice to have a guide line on how much to spend a week. I already had a budget I had for myself so that i could space out my money, but I could never tell how much I was going to spend on food. Because I never know when i would pay for groceries or for when we went out to eat. Abba and I would take turns paying for groceries. We were eating out way to much, so now that we have a budget of money for food in a week it will really help with our spending. We are only going to try to go out once a week now. Everything is doing really well. I feel really good at least physically and spiritually. I have never felt this close to God before in my life. It feels like something has woken up inside. Abba's teaching are really encouraging. I'm really enjoying seeing how a church is built. This whole experience have been so incredible. I really hope that God will let me come back here and let me go to other countries to help build the church. It is amazing work. Hard work, but there is nothing more worth it.
I was feeling really discouraged and depressed last week. I have been able to spend sometime with Abba just me and him, it has not been very much, but it has helped me. We did not talk about much, but just being with Abba helps me. Because he really loves God and it radiates off him. I feel like the luckiest boy in the world for getting this opportunity to come to Africa. I am very grateful. Thank you all for your prayers. I miss you all very much. Thank you for doing what you do great or small to keep the village going. It is a place I am honored to call home.

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