Monday, December 14, 2009

Dec. 14

Another day in Africa. We did not do very much today. We just went into town in the morning and were at the house the rest of the day. I have been trying to learn the guitar and played it till my finger were numb. I'm trying to learn a song on the guitar, so that i can sing something for Christmas. I have never played the guitar before. It has been coming slow, but i have had more time than i am used to. Abba has been teaching me and it is starting to be really fun to play.
Today I felt like I just wanted to go home. I miss all my friends, I miss my bed, I miss things that are familiar. So today I'm glad that I had something to keep me occupied. One thing I wish I had more than anything is a friend here with me. Although George is starting to became a very good friend. We have been telling each other our life stories. We have a lot of fun. His laugh is like something I have never heard. When ever he laughs I can't help but to laugh.
It is awesome how God always is there for every need, if you just sit still enough to accepted it. When I need a friend George is there. If I need a mothers help Amma is there. If I need a fathers advice Abba is there. What I'm trying to say is you have to open your eyes to see. It is funny how much I struggle, than I realize the answer is so simple. That is something that I have been learning lately.
I was just thinking I do not now how many people read this blog. I hope I am doing an ok job. I also hope my grammar is not so bad, that you have to read it with one eye closed and you tonge sticking out just so it makes sense. I forget that I'm not writing to a few people, but to a lot of people. I wish I was a better writer and that I had more to write about.
Well, that is what happened today and some random thoughts of mine. I hope all is well.


  1. You're blogs have been great! See you soon.
    -Nichole :)

  2. We thoroughly enjoy your blogs. We read them in devotions in the morning when there are new ones. It makes us feel connected to you and know how to pray. So do not give up. We are being very blessed and challenged.

  3. Joel, your blogs are read by many and they encourage us a lot. What you wrote today was one of the best blogs you've written. It came from your heart and I loved it! We pray for you everyday here in Memphis and can't wait till you guys get home. Love you! Rushie

  4. Joel,
    We may have never spoken in person in the Village, but I feel like I know you just from reading your blogs. I have been reading them to the kids and they've been so interested in hearing about your adventures over there. Just about everyday they are praying for you and Noah and Haviylah. You are so many, many miles away but it feels like you all are still so close. I pray God gives you what you need to sustain you until you come home.

  5. Dear Joel,
    I love everything you share in your blogs. They always encourage my spirit and make me laugh and cry all at the same time. I love what God is teaching you and all you are becoming in Him.
    Hang in there!!! Not long..not long...give it all you've the end of a race when you can see the finish line. Pour yourself out more than ever and grap every remaining minute you have left!!
    You are always in our thoughts and prayers and we are counting down the days and praying that God accomplishes all He wants to accomplish through you!!

  6. If it makes you feel better, your grammar's been pretty good. Even Ashimah commented positively!

    Our house reads your blog at breakfast. Since the men have all gone to work, there's somewhere close to 15 people reading it at our house. I read it at work. About once every four or five days I catch up on all the Kenya blogs, which is often seven or eight posts.

    We miss you. What you've been writing has been encouraging and provides a great alternative perspective to Abba and Amma's.

    Your dad and sister just left for Mexico a couple hours ago. You've become a missionary family!!! I've never seen your sister so excited; she couldn't stop smiling. She was beaming so much, it was lighting up everything around her.

  7. Joel,
    It's true...your blog has been great. I'm grateful you've kept it up...if the kids see me pulling up the blogs, they ask, "Anything new on Joel's?" That's the one they want to hear first! I love that we're catching real glimpses of what God is doing in your heart while you are there. Thank you, and I hope you keep it up til it's almost time to board that plane! Love you, Hashachar