Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The adventure begins

Life in Kenya is quite an adventure. George has a pretty nice house. We have running water, but the weird thing is that you have to pump it. The water gets pumped into a tank that is in the attic. The pump is electric, so you turn on the switch and wait about 20 min or till the roof starts leaking. The funny thing is that it's in the garage with the chickens. At least I think it's a garage. It is my job now to go pump the water.
It's great I get a room to myself. I am very grateful!! In the room it has a single bed and a bunk bed. I sleep in the top bunk, because there is a mosquito net. The unfortunate thing is that they use the single bed to change baby Haviylah's diapers. The maid that works here, when Nelly is at work, does not speak English. So today I was in my room minding my own business when the maid comes in. She did not say anything. It does not matter that she does not speak english the smell spoke for itself. It did not take long for me to leave the maid to her work.
Now the food here is great!! At least so far. I'm going to get fat with all the good food I have been eating. "God's grace is abounding", that is what George always says. The food here is fresh and taste a lot different. It makes all food at home taste plastic. I also get to live with Amma so I'm going to be a lot healthier. That is all that has gone an to day. Till next time.

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