Monday, November 9, 2009


Today was a tough day for me. I have been getting altitude sickness. Yesterday when I went on a walk with the young people we climbed up this big hill and I raced Simon and Lloyd to the top. I beat them to the top, but I almost passed out. I could not get enough air, because of how high above sea level we are. Well, at least compared to Tennessee.
We started visiting people today. We are only visited two families a day, because we do not want to kill ourselves. The last time they were here they would visit five or six a day. What we are trying to do is see what type of work they do and how the church can help. They just have to give ten percent back to the church to build the church. For example, this one lady sells boiled corn. She sells corn it once a day and she said if she could get more corn she could corn it twice a day and make twice as much. She just needs one thousand Kenyan shillings to buy more corn. That's about fourteen U.S dollars. Then she would give ten percent to the church and the church would keep five percent to build the church and use the other five to help other businesses. It is really going to build the people here. So far the people here are very open to the idea.
Amma's computer has been not working for the last two days. Georges camera broke, so he took it to this place in Nakuru. He told us that this guy could fix Amma's laptop. So we went to the place it looked a lot like a mall. That is one thing that really surprised me about Kenya, they are more modern than I expected. It took for ever, I think it took about three and and a half four hours. I did go look around the "mall" it only took ten mins. George kept leaving like he always does you never know what he is doing. He never tells you. He will be standing next to you one minute than you go to ask him a question and he's gone. Then he comes back we ask him where he went. He tells us he went to go get the say more milk. There is always something. Than after we got Amma's computer fixed we went and made a down payment on a tent for the church! The building we have right now is to small. We have about 50 people and all the kid have to stay outside so there is room for everyone else. This tent is going to be great it get very crowded and hot in the building they have now. We are going to put it up behind the church. There is like a courtyard behind there. Well, that is another day here in Africa.

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