Monday, November 16, 2009


Sorry for not blog yesterday. It was a really long full day. I'm not sure how to put it in words, but what I can tell you is that God is moving here in Nakuru. By the time we got home I was to tired to write anything.
Pastor Daniel arrived yesterday and another man is here from Elderet his name is James. I love Pastor Daniel he is such an amazing man of God. I have not really ever been able to spend time with him. I have just heard him talk in the village. I'm so grateful for the time I have been able to spend with him so far. It is great I still get to have one more day.
I never had to sing on Sunday thank God. The girls were pushing for it, but it never ended up happening. It was painful trying to sing at the practice. They wanted me to sing way to low. It hurt my throat trying to sing that low. Than to make it worse there was no instruments, so we were off key bad. It sounded terrible. And the boys like usual would not sing loud, so the girls were singing both parts. We practice one song in English that is the song I'm talking about. The one in swahili sounded fine at least I think it did I have no way of telling. I do not even know what we were singing about.
Something that I have really been thinking about lately, is if God is ever going to let me come back here. I have not even been here three weeks yet. Already I don't see how I can leave these people and not see them again. I'm not saying that I want to live here. The Village will always be my home. I was just thinking how Mala must feel not being able to come back this trip. How much she must miss these loving people. I'm not sure what God has, but I do know that everything he does has its purpose. Me being here has to be for more of a reason than a trip over seas. More and More lately I have realize how much I love God and his people. I'm grateful for the choice I have made to follow him. To follow someone you have to trust them, therefore I'm going to trust that God will bring me back. His timing is amazing and I know that he will bring me back when the time is right. I also hope someday I will be able to visit some other countries.
Baby Mechelle is so cute. She is teething so she is chewing on everything. She is not walking yet, I really hope she will while I'm still here. Somebody taught her how to kiss, probably Beitris the maid. I was laying on the coach about to fall asleep when she crawled up to coach pulled her self up and kissed me right on the lips. I was very surprised. Later Amma picked her up and Mechelle started kissing her. Very cute. That happened today. She can be stubborn sometimes, but still she is the cutest baby ever. That is all for today.

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