Saturday, November 21, 2009

Jailbird George

Today we had quite the adventure. George got arrested!!! He is out already. He dropped Abba, Amma and Simon at a grocery store after a youth meeting. We were all in the van. Yes, all the young people. We were packed in. George could not find a place to park so he double parked. A female police officer got into the passengers side and started yelling at him. Then George told Lloyd, Vivian and myself to get out and wait for Abba to get out of the store. I did not understand why till Vivian told me he has to go to the police station. So we went and found Abba and told him and helped carry everything. We stood outside the store for a while, thinking he would be right back. It was really busy where we were standing, so we went across the street. After waiting a while there we called George and he told us that they are arresting him and he needed Abba to come get him out. All six of us packed into a three wheeled taxi thing, we barely fit, to the police office first and drop Abba and Simon off. The rest of the kids in the van where sitting there on the other side of the fence waving at us. I did not want to leave them, but there was not even close to enough room. So we left them there and came home. Those three wheeled thing are fun to ride in a little bumpy, but it was still fun. That is the adventure for today.

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