Saturday, November 28, 2009

Cleaning the tent

Wow!! Today was not boring. Well, I did wait all morning for Simon and Lloyd, so we could clean the tent. They decided not to and did not tell me. They said 7:30 they were going to come and I was ready, but they never showed up. It was for the better in the end. After our usual youth meeting with Abba on Saturday. We all came to George's house. Well, Simon and Lloyd disappeared right as we got there and left me with all the girl. Amma was not feeling well and she asked me to make her some popcorn. I have never made popcorn before. Amma told me how and She also said that I should make some for all the girls. So I thought I would practice on them first before I made Amma popcorn. I went to the kichen and got a pot. When I looked up all the girl were looking in the kichen at me with faces that obviously said what is he doing. I laugh to myself. So i made the first batch it was easy and it turned out fine. I was very suprized I did not burn it. You should of seen the girls faces when I brought the bowl in. I must say it did sit there for a while. I guess they were waiting to see who was the bravest, but before I was done with Amma's batch they brought in the empty bowl. Finally Simon and Lloyd showed back up and we started to clean the tent. It was a lot of fun. We had a big water fight. They all went after me at first than I showed them. It ended up being everyone against everyone. I would of taken pictures, but unfortunately I was to wet to hold anything electronic. After hours of soaking each other we finally cleaned the tent. I did not think we were ever going to get done. They were all freezing cold, it was around 70 degrees outside. We all at this time were hungry, so we ate anything we could find within reason. Simon heated up some water and everyone started making tea. There was mustard on the table and they had never had it before. I almost got a few of the girls to put it in their tea, but I could not keep a straight face. We had a lot of fun.

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