Friday, November 27, 2009

home sick

Today was a good day. We went to the crater. It was beautiful!!!! I love being outside!!!! It was a lot of fun Lloyd and I climbed around a little bit it was fun. Real tiring, but I loved it. There was a very nice breeze the whole time that was very refreshing.
I have been getting real home sick lately. It got worse when Abba turned on an ingathering DVD. seeing all your faces. I miss you guys. Than for dinner Amma made chicken Alfredo and today I bought a snickers candy bar. They sell them at Wool Matt. I have been buying one like every week. It is something familiar. I have two more in the fridge lets hope I can eat them before George finds them. I bough him one a few weeks ago and he loves them.
I have been here for a month now. Half way though the trip. This has been the longest I have been away from the village, since I have moved there. So the longest I have been away in eleven years.
I went to the gym today. Wow!!! From the combination of being sick and being higher above sea level than I am used to. I was weak and could not do half what I usually can do. I started doing jump rope after lifting weights and I got real light headed. So I sat down for the rest of the time. So I worked out for about fifteen minuates. Amma told me before I left if I passed out than we could not go to the Crater. So I did not push myself. We are going again on Monday.

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