Thursday, November 12, 2009

A new day

Today was one of our slow days. The only thing we have planned in Abba's teaching tonight. One thing we did today that was pretty exciting was Abba bought a big tent and forty chairs. The tent is being made and will be done tomorrow. The chairs we are waiting to be delivered.
George is doing much better today, he seems a little tired not as bad as yesterday. It did not stop him at all, he still came to the teaching last night and translated. There is another man named Newton who can also translate, but George still came. He is an amazing man. I can not wait till God lets him come to the village, so you guys can meet him. I feel blessed to have the honor of meeting him and most of all being able to serve here in Nakuru with him.
Now for a little comic relief. I'm still having that mouse problem, but this time was not quiet as dramatic as yesterday. They were not in my suitcase this time. They were just on my stuff by my suitcase. I did not have anything in my hand that would have threaten the life of the mice anyway. At the time I had my tooth brush and I was not going to touch those nasty vermin with it. Who knows how many diseases i would get not to mention what little harm my tooth brush would fall on the mice. So I just screamed, but not like a girl and they ran off. I'll get them next time. That's all for today.

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