Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Today today today

Today was a normal day filled with the usual. Going to town, sitting in the van forever waiting for George to finish talking to someone. I'm starting to not like going to town because it usually mean I am going to be stuck in the van for at least an hour sitting and waiting for George. George usually tells us, "Two minutes." and it takes him at least fifteen. Then when we are at home after i check my emails and write a blog. I will try to watch tv. The funny things is the only thing that is always in english is cartoons. So I always ends up watching these really stupid cartoons. I think all the shows that do not make it in America end up here. I am so glad that we do not watch TV at home. It is such a waste of time. I really wish there was something better to do here. I have run out of ideas of things to do. I do not know maybe I could make faces at myself in the mirror. Or I could look out my window in my room and try to imagine the concrete wall is a tropical rain forest. We do thinks everyday there is always something we do. There is just that time in the middle where there is nothing. I'm still waiting for Simon and Lloyd to get out of school. I think they do this week. I really hope so I am about to go crazy. If you can't tell I'm feeling much better. I was so sick a week ago all I did was sleep. Now I feel totally normal and full of energy. Well, at least at this moment I have lot of energy.
I got to do something different than watching cartoons. George forgot to turn the lights out on the van, so we had to push start it. The thing that made it hard was that he had the van park in the courtyard. Abba came and helped me push. We only had about thirty feet to push the van. So we pushed it back and forth till we got it started. It was actually fun pushing the van back and forth. That is all for today.

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