Friday, November 6, 2009


For lunch today we had goat. It's really chewy, but it taste pretty good.

That is the intestines. Looks like macaroni doesn't it. It does not taste like it. It does not taste good at all. Abba and I tried one piece. Amma has the pics of us trying it on her blog. That is all it took for me. George ate the rest.
This is one with hair on it. George ate that too.

This looks like just bones, but there is actually a lot of meat there.

That is what we had to drink. It's called Stoney a type of ginger ale. Very good!! I do not think I will ever be able to drink any other type of ginger ale again. It's the best thing I have had to drink so far.

I hope these pics don't make you sick, but that is what it looked like. It did really tasted good. We are going to go again when Pastor Daniel get here.

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