Monday, November 23, 2009

Another day in Africa

George took Abba to play pool today. It was pretty fun to watch. George beat Abba three of the four time they played. The table and balls we been playing with is a little smaller than we, Abba and I, are used to. So George had us there. It was funny watching Abba get beat, he did not like it. He could not take it and throughout the day he would bring up how he should of hit this one ball softer. It was funny.

Other than that we visited three people. It was the usual ask questions and write is down. The people are really sweet. Now we are all on our computers typing away on emails and blogs.

I wish that I had more to tell you about, but I don't. I hope everyone at home is doing well. Not freezing to death or anything. The weather here is beautiful!!


  1. Glad you are feeling better sir Joel. We love you!

  2. Hi Joel, It's Grandma and Poppa
    We're realy enjoying your blog. Glad the bug didn't win. Miss Ya and we are praying for you all and so very "proud" of the man of God you are becoming. Hugs, xoxoxo take care Grands & Pops