Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The most interesting night

I have Pastor Daniel and James staying in my room. James is from Elderet Kenya. It's not that big of a deal, but we are three different people from three different countries. The room is always hot and James is cold, so I did not get to use my fan the first few nights. I did use it last night, for some reason it would barely blow. I could blow more air out of my mouth than that thing.
Pastor Daniel snores very loud, the loudest I have ever heard. It is not for some of the night it is a whole night orchestra.
So after I got used to all the disturbances. I felt something running on my legs. I thought is was a mouse, but there are thing worse than mice. Cockroaches!! Yes, I was not sleeping alone. It was the most creepy thing to have crawling on my legs. They are big too, like an inch and a half long. I kept myself as calm as I could, so I would not scream and wake everyone up. Gathering up all my courage I reached down grabbed it and threw. The real bummer was that I use a mosquito net, so it just bounced back on me. Than I freaked out and thrashed around till had a new grip. Than I managed to get it under my mosquito net. What a relief!! The rest of the night was spent in fear of another cockroach attack.
Today Pastor Daniel and James are going home. We are taking James to the bus stop and Pastor Daniel to Nairobi airport. That is all that is planned for today.

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  1. That is so gross! About the cockroaches, I mean, not the snoring. :)