Saturday, November 14, 2009

Guess what I did today!!

Sorry for not getting this blog out yesterday, but we could not get on the internet last night. The network was down. That is the first time it has given me any problems. Usually it works better than the internet at home. These wireless things we got a awesome, they are a lot cheaper than going to the cybercafe cafe and they are more convenient. I can get on as long as I want when ever I want and not feel rushed.
Today was not a boring day. I was busy all day, it was great. It started out with a youth meeting at 11am with Abba at a restaurant in town. Than got home sat and talked to a few of the young people. Went to the church and picked up trashed and cut the grass. There was so much trash everywhere. All the kids in the area came and helped. All I had to do is bring candy. They were a lot of help. All the young people were there. The girls cleaned the inside of the church, while us boys cleaned the outside. I was going to take a pics before and after, but forgot.:( It was great to finally do something productive.
Than right after that we had the usual Saturday you meeting in the church. This time was even more confusing. They wanted to sing a song for church tomorrow. I felt very out of place swaying back and forth claping my hand and trying to sing in swahili, while everyone is laughing at me. We lined up, so we could have some sort of order. Vivian, one of the older girls, was next to me and would not stop laughing at me. She really got a kick out of me trying to act like everyone else. When they sing you have to do all these hand motions. I already stick out like a sore thumb. I'm tall and white and ugly. With probably the most confused face most people have ever seen. On top of that I have to sing in swahili and do hand motions. Now if I ever hear anyone say that they will not do something because it makes them look stupid. Well, lets just say I will be having a talk with that person. What makes the whole thing worse is that I have to do it in front of the whole church tomorrow. I did have fun making everyone laugh. It made it worth doing it in front of everyone tomorrow.
It is great I'm starting to get to know more of the young people. On the way from George's house to the church. Some of the girls were tell me that I'm to quiet. Everyone here expects me to be like Mala I guess. So I told them if they want me to talk than they need to ask me questions. Oh man, I said the wrong thing. They ask me so many questions about me and what America is like. It was worth it though because now I have some more friends. One thing that everyone here is asking me is if I play the guitar. I have wanted to play the guitar, but have never gotten around to it.Guess what i got to do today? After the youth singing practice they had leaders meeting, so everyone at home was there. I could not go home so I stayed with Simon and Lloyd. We went to Simon's house to put something of Simon's back and met one of there friend who has a motorcycle. His name is Jeffery and he drives people around on his motorcycle for a living like a taxi driver, but with a motorcycle. A lot of people do that for a job here. Than Lloyd asked me is I wanted to drive it, I thought he meant ride. Then next thing I know Jeffery is showing me how to drive it. Then I drove it down the road a little ways than drove back. It was awesome!!! I want to get one know. Driving a motorcycle here is no as dangerous as it is in America. At least in the day, but everything is dangerous here at night. I had so much fun driving that motorcycle. I'm going to try to drive some more. One of the men who comes to the church his name is Fred he has a motorcycle. I'm going to see if he will let me drive his. Abba was talking about getting one I really hope he does. Driving that motorcycle was the funnest thing i have done so far.

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