Friday, November 13, 2009

Todays blog

Today is Friday our resting day. We do not have anything planed for today to do. The only thing we did do is our daily trip to town. I'm finally getting used to them driving on the opposite side of the car and the opposite side of the road. I also have got used to tell everyone trying to sell me something "no". I have said "no" so many time I'm starting to say it in Swahili to change things up. They understand both, but they never leave you alone. I was joking with Simon and Lloyd saying that I was going to get plastic surgery to turn my skin black, so people will leave me alone. Having white skin around here is like wearing a big sign that says, "lots of money and if you bother me long enough i will give you some." To the kids it means candy, which does not bother me as much, probably because they are so cute. Whenever kid see you they say, "how are you?". That is the only word most of them know in english. It does not matter if you are driving by in a car or walking by. Sometime they will ask you for candy, but if you do not have any they are happy with feeling your skin. So there are a few things that is different about being here in Africa. Other than them wanting your money they are a really sweet people. That is just a general statement about them wanting money. There are a lot of good people.
Today was a pretty boring day, which was expected to happen sooner or latter. I'm not really used to not doing anything and worst of all not having any idea what to do. We were going to go to the crater today, but we decided to wait till Pastor Daniel gets here.:( I was looking forward to going:( Oh, well. Pastor Daniel is getting here Sunday with two other men there names are Mike and Martin. Then we also are having a man from Elderet. I can't remember his name, he is also coming on Sunday. We are going to have a full house. Yeah!!

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