Thursday, November 5, 2009

Another day in Africa

I finally slept through the whole night last night. What i did was stay up later. I stayed up last night trying to kill some mice that were running around on the floor. I had almonds in my backpack and they got in them. So I put a few on the floor and waited for them to come eat the almonds. When they came out I would throw one of my shoes at them. I hit one but it did not kill it. The mouse just limped under my bed. I'm going to try again tonight, hopefully I can kill one this time. We have really big roaches here also. Luckily they do not come in my room. They only come out at night.
Another thing that is different is that the power goes off randomly. George said that it last a few hours to a few days. luckily it has only last no more than an hour, so far it has only lasted a few hours. You always have to be on your toes.
Abba got a hair cut today at a place here in Nakuru. It was really awesome looking first they massage your head, they cut you hair, they wash your hair then dry and massage your head again along with your neck and shoulders. For the grand total of 600/=(shillings), which is roughly about $6 of our money. I think I might get my hair cut when I'm here. Amma is going to get her hair cut next week. Abba said he want to get his hair cut again before we go home. Other than that I did not do anything. We are taking this week of so we can adjust. I'm not really sure what rest of the time here is going to look like, but i hope that I will be able to do more. I'm starting to really get bored. I understood that this was going to happen. So I guess I will wait to see what God has, he always knows what's best.

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