Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I did it I actually wrote today!!!

I had a big surprise this morning. I went to get some cloths out of my suitcase and in my suitcase was two little mice. I quickly emptied my suit case so that I could try to kill them with my hair brush. One jumped out and I managed to get a pics of the other one before it jumped out. Then I chased the last one around the bed with my brush. They both unfortunately got away.:( It was actually a lot of fun. It was kind of disgusting having mice in your suitcase. I was laughing and having to much fun trying to kill the mice i did not really care.
We went visited today. It was really good, the people are very loving especially this lady named christen. She is a different one than the one who does the youth meetings. She is older and she really love Abba and Amma. We went to her house for lunch it was very good. She made fish it was the best fish i have ever had. Christen is an amazing woman you can feel the love coming out of her. She definitely has something with God.
I feel much better today. It feel like I have been going up hill, but now I have reached the top and I'm going down hill.
The only other thing is we need you guys to pray for George. He was not feeling well so we went to see if it was milarea, but it was typhoid. He has had milarea before and you never really can get ride of it. Typhoid you can and George has had it before. He got medicine for it and he seems to be doing better. It did not stop him though. He just wasn't himself today. We got him home so he can rest right now.
All we have for the rest of the day is a teaching. That is all for today till next time.

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  1. that's just disgusting! don't know how u did it! :( and w/ ur hair brush?!? Wow!