Monday, November 2, 2009


Im really sorry about not sending those blogs till now. I had some problems,but i figured it out.
Yesterday was a lot of fun. It started out we went to the cyber cafe, which was very irritating. I could not get anything to work and Abba and Amma were done before me. They left and waited for me at a restaurant, so I had a lot of pressure to get done. After that things were much better. We went to a etheopian restaurant. Awesome! The food here has been great so far. Then Abba and George had to talk to Joseph, he is one of the men in George's church. So Amma and I went shopping. I had a really good time with her. We went to the wool matt. :) It like our walmart. Then we just walked around the city. We started to go in to the market, but we only got about to venders in. Everyone is trying to sell you there stuff and it get real crazy. It is fun though because you get to get them to come down on all there prices. Then we went back to the restaurant and Abba and George were still talking so we sat at another table and ordered some tea. The African tea is very good. I wish you guy could see how Abba and George are together. George knows how to push Abba's bottons. Amma and I just laugh the whole time. I have laugh a lot lately. I hope all of you are doing fine. I miss and love you all!

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