Monday, November 2, 2009


The people here are wonderful. We had a gathering today. I loved it even though I did not know what they were saying half the time. I was very confused most of the time. When they were singing I did not know what to do. So I just moved my mouth and rocked back and forth. Everything is so different but inspiring. I am not really sure what God is going to have me do yet. I’m sure I’ll know when the time comes. I have mostly just been sitting around. I have been really tired still trying to get used to the time. Luckily I have herbs to help me sleep because I could not sleep last night. Right now here it is 4:00pm and it is 7:00am there. So time seems backwards. We are having Haviylah’s b-day right now! We are listening to the b-day songs Abby recorded for Haviylah. We have balloons taped all over the walls and George went and bought a cake. She is such a cute kid. I went on a walk around nekuru today with all the young people. They are a very lively bunch. They spoke in swahili the whole time. they only spoke in english if they were asking me a question or if they were answering mine. They were probably making jokes about me or something because they were laughing the whole time. I'm starting to be able to pick out a few words, but i do not know what they are saying. I still had a lot of fun and hope I get to spend a lot more time with them.

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