Sunday, November 8, 2009


Today's African adventure happened first thing this morning. Amma ask me to make fried potatoes for breakfast, I was happy to help. So i was in the kitchen cutting up my potatoes. Nelly came in and was cutting something behind me. Then she told me to put it in with my potatoes, so i asked her what it was and she told it's pumpkin. I was not very excited about that, but i did what she asked. I started cooking my potatoes and pumpkin just accepting the fact that i just ruined my potatoes with the pumpkin. Then Nelly hands me some plantain, which is a type of banana, that she cut up. Then i know my potatoes where now totally ruined.:( They actually tasted fine, Amma and i had a good laugh. Definitely tasted like nothing i have tasted before. Well, I guess I have not ever had fried pumpkin or plantain, especially not with potatoes. It was actually a lot of fun not having any idea what Nelly was going to put in my potatoes next. Amma took some pics of it. Amma is a great person to laugh with, she got a kick out of what happened to my potatoes. I got to laugh at her because she burned her eggs.
We had a gathering today. It was a lot better this time for me because I know what to expect. A lot of people talked. Abba said that they were trying to get people to talk last time and was very glad to see how far everyone here has come since last time he was here. The meeting seem to be good, but that is all they do together is meetings. Abba has been talking about doing more than just meetings. We will see what happens.
I walked around nakuru with the young people here. They mostly spoke in Swahili like usually. I like the sound of swahili, but i never know what they are talking about. They are probably making fun of me.:) You can blame them I would if I was in there shoes.
That is what happened with me today. Miss you all.

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  1. Hey Joel! We just finished reading your blogs. Ughhh! Intestines! That's the only experience I did not envy. We won't tell you about Zach's chocolate chip cookies. (He was sitting next to me and wanted to make sure you knew what you were missing. Yum.)

    We are praying for you all. It is great to read your news. Thank you for taking the time to keep us posted. We love you and can't wait to hear more!:)

    Love Beth